Liver (Key Gland) 100 Caps
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Liver Key Gland is desiccated and defatted Bovine Liver, 500 mg, in a clear capsule. Each KEY Company glandular product is provided as a tissue concentrate:
that is, the preparation method is freeze-dried (or lyophilized). It is the use of glandular and organ substances to bolster the function of a
patient’s organs or glands. It is based upon the concept that like cells help
like cells.
Tissues cannot be synthesized or repaired unless all the component parts
are available at the particular time when they are needed. It is an all or
nothing situation. Cells obtain the raw materials from which they
manufacture their special and particular cellular elements from the blood.
These elements have been processed by the liver after they have been
absorbed from the intestinal tract. The various tissues all contain raw
elements of a basic nature; amino acids, fatty acids, lipids, various
carbohydrates. What is different, is that the percentage and specific
arrangement of these various elements varies in different tissues.

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