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Here, at Life Support Web, you can expect to find herbal formulas and other great all natural products. If you are looking for nutrition & supplements, you are sure to love browsing through our affordable supplements. Check out our many home health products to find the perfect herbal formulas and all natural products for you. Pick out all of your favorite nutrition & supplements today from our line of affordable supplements.

Frank Cousineau, President of Life Support Web

     Welcome to Lifesupportweb.com!

     Since 1978, Life Support  has dedicated itself to providing natural, safe and healthy herbal extracts, nutritional supplements and nontoxic botanical cleaners. This Family owned business is now online as lifesupportweb.com.

Here you will find:

  • BioPro: Whether you use a cell phone, a computer, or a microwave oven on a regular basis, BioPro is using scientific technology to protect the everyday life enviroment from what is now being termed as Electropollution.
  • Herbal Extracts: Get to know Generation II's great line of herbal extracts that promote immunity, and well being during sickness such as colds, flus, and other immune related problems caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • MaviGreen: MaviGreen is an enviromently safe cleaning product that is made from plant derived ingredients.  The aim of MaviGreen is to produce cleaning products -for kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, furniture, vehicles- without harmful petroleum products, phosphates, acids, or ammonia.
  • Nutritional Supplements Here at Life Support you will find unique, high quality, nutritional supplements that promote anti inflammatory, anti aging and anti oxidant qualities needed in today's stress-filled and polluted world.
  • And much more! Visit regularly to see new products and helpful content!